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Latest Cotton Prints Collection For Women By Ittehad ”Ittehad Textiles”

Latest Cotton Prints Collection For Women By Ittehad ”Ittehad Textiles”

Ittehad Textiles is one of the respected textile firms of Pakistan. It provides fabrics of high quality for people in Pakistan. Just recently, it launched Ittehad cotton prints 2012 collection for women. This collection was titled Royal Cotton Collection. We believe that it is an appropriate name for the collection since they do have a regal and luxurious style. Ittehad cotton prints 2012 collection includes full suits with embroidered shirts, plain trousers and printed dupattas. All the suits are unstitched. This means that you can get stylish dresses stitched according to your choice from the fabrics.

Ittehad Textiles was formed many years ago. Over the several years of its operation, the company has successfully built its place in the textile industry of Pakistan. Now, many people all over Pakistan and other countries have become fans of its products and buy them regularly. The fabrics of Ittehad Textiles are of good quality and the designs are simply superb. You can check out Ittehad lawn 2012 to see what we mean. Like other major textile firms in Pakistan, Ittehad Textiles also releases new fabric collections every season. The fabric collections by Ittehad Textiles are available at many major fabric stores in our country.

Ittehad cotton prints 2012 collection will also be available at these stores that stock Ittehad fabrics. It was released earlier this month. So, go to your nearest major fabric store to get hold of Ittehad cotton prints 2012 soon in order to avoid the disappointment of stock out. You can use the fabrics to make nice outfits for eid. The suits are also quite suitable for party wear. You should check them out at your local fabric store. Before that, take a glimpse at Ittehad cotton prints 2012. Some of the pictures from the catalog of the collection have been attached below.

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