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         Culture and management system

            With the corporate culture and generation to generation enterprise management system is established and continuous improvement, will greatly enhance the company's market decision-making, research and development speed, product quality and market competitiveness. It is the company's long-term sustainable and stable development of the foundation and an important guarantee. Therefore, since the inception of the company, the company began to establish in accordance with the modern enterprise standards and improve the management system, the company is preparing a number of management systems and improved as follows:

        A.Company project approval system (including data collection, market research, expert advice, technical feasibility studies, comprehensive assessment and analysis procedures);

        B.Research and development of management systems (including design control, design review, design verification, design validation, technical documentation control, process documents and change the development approval and other procedures);

        C.Production management system (including components procurement and finds that external processing or subcontracting, production, inspection and measurement, product identification, storage, and shipping and other procedures);

        D.Sales management system (including contract review, technical advice, product sales, technical training, technical support, product maintenance, service and other procedures);

        E.Quality management system (including quality assessment, corrective and preventive measures, quality records, statistical analysis and other procedures);

        F.Financial management system;

        G.Human resources management system.

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