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         Quality management and assurance
        匯、Enterprise quality management system requirements
         Quality policy: market-oriented, continuous improvement management, quality of products and services to meet the needs of different users is our W-best consistently relentless pursuit.
         Quality goal: products manufactured pass rate of 100%, the product first inspection pass rate of − 98%; 98% customer satisfaction; qualified to ensure 100% compliance rate.
        屈、Product manufacturing standards and quality assurance
         Our products are in strict accordance with national standards organization of production, customers have special requirements according to customer requirements.
         1、Pre-sale: the customer calls, letters, visits hospitality, thoughtful service, customer technical problems raised serious answers to help solve
         2、Sales: In the production period, I invite the technical staff can plant to plant for product details, including the products of all kinds of data and products structure and working principle. As for the product of the main inspection work is completed in the factory. Ensure strict accordance with the contract requirements, according to the quality, quantity and time of delivery. Our factory can provide information for customers based test to confirm.
         3、Aftermarket: To further improve the product with the customer after-sales maintenance and other service work, I plant in this solemn commitment to customers:
        、 The performance of the products are in line with national standards and the requirements of the relevant class product standards.
        、 Product after the arrival, the customer acceptance process, where there is occasion with contract requirements discrepancies, the factory received a customer within 8 hours after notification to respond to handle.
        、 Our products provide 12-month free warranty, the time from the date of acceptance of engineering calculations. Upon request, also free to give technical guidance and assistance. The factory has a service purpose: "Customer limited, unlimited service!" For each user to electricity, wrote for advice, suggestions and quality of after using the product. If, after receiving complaints from customers, you must reply within 24 hours, and to ensure customer satisfaction.
        、 When properly installed, use conditions, the device is put into operation, the category appears quality problems, such as the quality of our products is really the reason, the factory will be responsible in the end and the replacement and repair free of charge.
        、 Guarantee period, the factory is still working to ensure good customer service, need to factory to provide technical services. The factory will be notified within 24 hours after arriving at the scene, and to provide pro bono services; need of replacement products, the factory will promptly organize production, and the most favorable price to the customer.
        、 If you have any need, please contact the address and telephone number to contact.
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